Development of Biological Science

Based on the cell, the basic structural unit of gene and life, this paper expounds the structure and function, system and evolution law of biology, and repeats the cognitive process of life science from macro to micro level, and reaches the peak of modern life science by taking all the major discoveries as steps.

Life science is also known as biology. Molecular genetics is the main content of this subject, and it is used as a basis for further research on the nature of life, the law of life activity and the law of development. The research content of this subject also includes the interrelationship among all kinds of biology, biochemistry and environment, and ultimately achieves the purpose of diagnosis and treatment of genetic diseases, improvement of crop yield, improvement of human life and environmental protection. Physical and chemical knowledge is the basis for in-depth research of life science, and various advanced scientific instruments are the basis for orderly advancement of life science research. For example, ultracentrifuge, electron microscope, protein electrophoresis instrument, nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer and X-ray instrument are commonly used instruments in the process of life science research. Therefore, we can see that in the field of life science Each expert is the top talent from different fields, using the penetration and cross discipline to form the life science.

With the development of biological science, the influence of biological science and technology on society is more and more great

1. People’s ideas, such as the ideas of evolution and ecology, are being accepted by more and more people

2. Promote the improvement of social productivity, for example, biotechnology industry is forming a new industry; agricultural productivity is significantly improved due to the application of biological science and technology

3. With the development of biological science, more and more people will be engaged in the profession related to biology

4. Promote people to improve their health level and quality of life and prolong their life span        5. Affect people’s thinking mode, such as the development of ecology, promote people’s holistic thinking; with the development of brain science, biological science and technology will help to improve human thinking

6. Impact on the ethical and moral system of human society, such as test tube baby, organ transplantation, artificial transformation of human gene, will challenge the existing ethical and moral system of human society

7. The development of biological science and technology may also have a negative impact on society and nature. For example, the mass production of genetically modified organisms and the transformation of the natural gene pool of species may affect the stability of the biosphere. Understanding the relationship between science and technology and society is an important part of scientific quality

Post time: Jul-13-2020